The First Book Drive sponsored by the Vietnamese American Education Foundation was successfully completed on October 8, 1993 when 2.5 tons of donated college textbooks were delivered to the National Economics University in Hanoi. Those attending the delivery ceremony include representatives of VAEF, the U.S. State Department, Defense Department, and various Vietnamese officials.

The Vietnamese American Education Foundation has just launched its Second Book Drive. The Foundation is again accepting donations of books and computers for colleges in Vietnam. Donated books may be at the undergraduate or graduate level in all academic fields, especially in the sciences, law, economics, business, education, English, ESL, medicine, health care, and high technology. The books should be less than five-years old unless, in the judgment of the donor, a particular book is still useful. Donated computers, new and used, should be personal computers or small work stations.

The Foundation will pick up donated books and computers anywhere within 100 miles of Washington, D.C. For other locations, please ship donations to the address below, along with an estimation of the donation's value, including shipping expenses, so that an official receipt and acknowledgment can be mailed to the donor for tax purposes.

Please send donations to:

Ho N. Nguyen, Head
Division of History & Social Science
St. Mary's College of Maryland
St. Mary's City, MD 20686

Telephone: 301-862-0391
Fax: 301-862-0999


In addition to their personal donations, donors are also urged to help publicize the Book Drive, collect books and computers from their own institutions, places of work, or regions and forward them to the above address.


What kind of books?
Any kind, at undergraduate or graduate level: sciences, law, medicine, computer, economics, sociology, political science, English, ESL, education, business, etc. Please do not send books or publications advocating the overthrowing of the Vietnamese government.

Who will be the recipients?
The recipients will be either universities or major research institutions in Viet-nam.

How are recipients selected in Viet-nam?
Recipients are selected on the basis of (1) need, (2) institutional reputation, and (3) the ability of the institution's administration to perform logistical functions, including processing books quickly through the airport, performing VAEF's ceremonial requirements, and dealing effectively with the Vietnamese bureaucracy, at the highest standards required by VAEF.

If a major donor suggests a possible recipient, VAEF will take that suggestion very seriously, but the selection will depend on the above factors, plus logistical practicality.

Will the books be shipped to both northern and southern Viet-nam?
Generally the flight is from the U.S. to Hanoi. If there is a recipient in southern Viet-nam, arrangements will be made to have the books shipped southward from Hanoi by train.

How are the books going to be kept in Viet-nam?
Books will be donated in bulk to each institution, i.e., one or more tons of books at a time to one institution, so that the books are generally in one controllable place for safe keeping purposes. Books will be placed in libraries and are accessible to both students and instructors. VAEF representatives may stop by libraries with VAEF books once in a while to check on the status of the donated books. All books donated by VAEF will be stamped "Trung Tam Giao Duc Viet My Than Tang" ("Gift of the Vietnamese American Education Foundation".) If the books are donated by another organization to VAEF, two separate stamps may be used to identify the donating organizations.

How are the books inspected before shipping?
VAEF personnel inspect the books before shipping to make sure that they are usable and that they do not violate Viet-nam's sense of security and morality. In order to facilitate the inspection process, donors should provide VAEF with a list of titles and authors for the donated books. If another organization is involved in the book drive, VAEF will work with that organization so that the organization can inspect the books on VAEF's behalf.

Since the U.S. Defense Department donates the flight for the book shipment, it will also inspect the books immediately before shipping. A minimum of 2 tons is required for each shipment.

Does VAEF ship anything other than books?
Yes, VAEF will ship computers, office equipment and medical equipment for charitable purposes.

VAEF is a Washington, D.C. based all-volunteer, non-profit, tax-exempt corporation devoted exclusively to the improvement of Vietnam's educational system.
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