We are seeking volunteers to help spread the words for a worthwhile project regarding free immunization for children in the Vietnamese community in San Jose.

Type of volunteer work range from distributing flyers, being a translator to mailings to volunteers, putting up posters before the immunization day, Oct. 22, 1994.

The project is called "Children's Immunization Partnership Project" sponsored by the US Health Deparment and the Santa Clara County Health Deparment. There will be a "free immunization" day, Saturday, Oct 22, 1994 from 8:30-2:30pm for babies, children, teenagers, and young adults at these selected locations:

        Social Service Agency                   Santee Elementary School
        Senter Rd Office                        1313 Audubon Dr
        1870 Senter Rd                          San Jose, Ca
        San Jose, Ca

        Jeanne Meadows Elmty School             Kennedy Elementary School
        1250 Taper Lane                         1602 Lucretia Ave
        San Jose, Ca                            San Jose, Ca
For more information, please contact:

Marie Bui       408 238 8638
Quynh Bui       408 388 7010
Tom Ho          tomho@microunity.com
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