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DO it!

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Don't buy NIKE products: Nike is the biggest sport shoe manufacturer in America. If we can change Nike's labor practices, other shoe manufacturers will be forced to improve theirs.

Send a fax to Nike's CEO, Mr. Knight: Tell Mr. Knight that you are unhappy with their labor practices. Ask Mr. Knight to accept independent monitoring, accept a living wage standard and expand Nike's Code of Conducts.

Join a Nike protest: There are many Nike protests in New York, San Francisco, Orange County, Eugene, Toronto and Vancouver.

Link our site to your web sites: Feel free to use our logo on your sites.

Who is conducting this campaign: The Nike Protest includes: 53 members of the US Congress including Congresswoman Maxine Water (leader of the Black Congressional Caucus), Congressman Bernard Sanders (leader of the Progressive Caucus), Congresswoman Marcy Kaptur, the National Organization for Women (NOW), The Feminist Majority, Interfaith Center for Corporate Responsibility, the MS. Foundation, author Alice Walker, Justice Do it Nike, Campaign for Labor Rights, Global Exchange, Development and Peace, Press for Change, Clean Clothes Campaign.

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