VN-CDROM Working Group

VN-CDROM is a non-profit organization of Internet-based community volunteers. Its mission is to preserve and promote cultural awareness via information archives related to Vietnamese cultural achievements and Vietnamese refugee communities. This continuing project seeks to:

  • Provide permanent cultural records of the Vietnamese communities.
  • Propagates this cultural snapshot widely for a common cultural presence.
  • Highlight community achievements
  • Foster awareness through the availability of information that accurately reflects a proud heritage
  • Serve a cultural bridge across generations and communities as agent of empowerment and unity.

All proceeds generated by this effort are used to establish a Community Investment Fund as the mechanism of facilitating the good will and enery into community services and advancement. You are invited to learn more about the organization as VN-CDROM looks forward to your participation. As always, all forms of assitance and contribution are urged and welcome.


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Macromedia (Software Donation)

VN-CDROM, an alliance of individuals and community volunteers

A global volunteer effort
made possible by
individuals and/or members of

Lasan Alumni Netlist, Motorola Viet Netlist,
TlSoft, Vietnamese Professional Society,
Vietnamese-American Professional Association of Dallas,
Vietnamese-American Computer and Engineering Technical Society ...