Boycott NIKE - Just DO it!

From Transcript of CBS News 48 Hours, October 17, 1996 with permission from CBS News. (c) MCMXCVI, CBS, Inc. All rights reserved.

Baskin: (Voiceover) One worker, Lap, invited us to the room she rents near the Samyang factory.

This is your room?

Lap: (Foreign language spoken)


(Footage of Baskin and Lap in the room)

Baskin: (Voiceover) Her basic wage, even as a sewing team leader, still doesn't amount to the minimum wage.

For - this says you- you get $42 a month and you work six days a week.

(footage of Lap)

Baskin: (Voiceover) Of course, workers do get lunch on the job.

This is what you give them to eat.

(Footage of Baskin holding meal tickets, Lap)

Baskin: (Voiceover) But those meal tickets cost another 9 cents a day. Lap isn't allowed to bring her own lunch into the factory. She wants to study English, but at 28 Lap must support herself and cannot afford to go to a university.

How healthy have you been since you've had this job?

Lap: (Foreign language spoken)

Baskin: (Voiceover) 'I have lost my strength and some weight, 17 pounds.'

(Footage of Lap and her home)

Baskin: (Voiceover) she's down to 85 pounds. Like most of the women who make the shoes, she has little choice but to accept the low wages and long hours. Nike says it requires all subcontractors to obey local laws; but Lap has already put in much more overtime than the annual legal limt: 200 hours.

What happened if you want to leave? If you're sick or you have something you need to do or you need to take care of a relative, can you leave the factory?

Lap: (through Translator) It is not possible if you havent' made enough shoes. You have to meet the quota before you can go home.


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