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You have to meet the quota before you can go home.

She hit all 15 team leaders in turn from the first one to the fifteenth...

The physical pain didn't last long,
but the pain I feel in my heart will never disappear.

The above statements were made by Thuy and Lap, woman workers at Nike plant in Vietnam, and reported by CBS in October 1996. However disturbing those comments might have been, they turned out to be but a scratch on the surface of a far more horrendous reality -- confirmed, quantified, and fully documented in a March '97 report by Vietnam Labour Watch during its visit to Vietnam. Similiar horrible conditions are confirmed in Nike factories in China as documented in a Sep '97 report from Hong Kong Christian Industrial Committee and Asian Monitor Resource Centre.

After a whole year of denying the labor problems documented by CBS News, Nike can no longer hide behind its multi-million public-relation campaign. An internal Nike document was leaked to the New York Times. The New York Times front-page article, "Nike Shoe Plant in Vietnam Is Called Unsafe for Workers" , finally exposed many horrible labor conditions at a Nike factory.

Despite its progressive image in the United States, Nike is a very different company in Vietnam and in other Asian manufacturing operations. Reports of physical abuse, sexual abuse, salary below minimum wage and a debilitating quota systems are confirmed by CBS News as well other NGOs.

In response to these reports, Vietnam Labor Watch, an alliance of ordinary people has joined the Nike protest started by the Working Group on Nike -- a coalition between Interfaith Center of Corporate Resonsibility, Press for Change, Development and Peace , Global Exchange , Campaign for Labor Rights , National Organization of Women , Clean Clothes Campaign , Community Aid Abroad , Justice Do It Nike and several other NGOs. These organizations work together to persuade Nike Corp. to treat their overseas workers fairly. (Not all members of the Working Group on Nike advocate a boycott of Nike products.)

Please help this effort by signing two letters. The first letter is for President Clinton asking for his help. The second letter is to Nike's CEO, Mr. Phil Knight, urging him to resolve these issues in the spirit of human decency. We also urge you to refrain from buying Nike products until corrective actions are taken to improve these abhorrent working conditions, which have proven to be insulting to human dignity and neglectful of human conscience.

Please consult the facts and support this simple and necessary effort. Nike is a consumer oriented company and will respond to public pressure. The power of One is the starting point of power for All.

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Please send any information, strategies, or ideas on how to protest and boycott Nike to Nike Protest, nike@saigon.com

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